DRIFT and Avant Arte announce new limited edition sculpture Sine

DRIFT and Avant Arte collaborate for a second time to create a unique limited edition, Sine inspired by the rhythms of the natural world

6 July 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: DRIFT announces its second collaboration with Avant Arte, the creative marketplace that makes discovering and owning art radically more accessible, to create a unique limited edition, Sine, that echoes the rhythms of the natural world from the frequency of waves breaking on a shore, wind whistling through the trees to the simple act of breathing. 

An edition of 50 spatial sculptures, Sine is made up of a delicate pair of glass wings that perform what we describe as the ‘natural rhythm’. The up and down swinging of the individual elements is triggered by weights that glide back and forth. These are synchronised by a computer and in turn the movement seeks to synchronise onlookers, unifying them through simple motion. By unifying those around the artwork, we believe the work can have a positive impact on one’s state of being, connecting you to the people and world around you. 

Lonneke Gordijn said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Avant Arte again to create this edition for collectors to experience everyday. For us, Sine motion is the mother of all motion. We believe everything in this world has its own frequency which consists of Sine movements. Our goal with all our work is always to synchronise all movements. So our mission is towards balance, towards synchronisation, to get everyone on the same page. Because only when everything is in line will you move forward in life. And that’s basically the basic law of everything.”

Sine will be installed for one time only at Fosbury & Sons, Amsterdam between Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July, uniting all 50 editions before they find their permanent residence in collector’s homes. The installation will be open to the public and available to view free of charge. 

ABout sine


Edition of 50 


Dimensions: 38 x 76 x 7.6cm 

Medium: Materials: steel, brass, nylon, metal, LEDs and glass

Framing: The sculpture comes framed and ready to display. 

To find out more about the edition see Avant Arte’s website

About the installation

All 50 editions of Sine will be available to view Friday 29 July to Sunday 31 July 2022. 

Location: Fosbury & Sons, Prinsengracht 769, 1017 JZ Amsterdam

Admission: Free of charge 

Hours: 12:00am to 5:00pm, Friday 29 July through to Sunday 31 July 2022.