Studio Drift: Elemental

Today the art museum Amos Rex in Helsinki will present Studio Drift’s works for the first time in Northern Europe with the solo exhibition Studio Drift: Elemental.

Through film, sculpture and installation art, the exhibition, explores the basic premise from which all living beings operate: single entities attaching themselves to larger contexts. Lone particles are meaningless unless they are part of some greater, more complicated system. As humans we create systems or technologies to gain mastery over our environment to evolve, realise dreams, create a brighter future and on a very elemental level: to connect.

The exhibition will run until 19 May 2019 alongside the Magritte exhibition. Curator Itha O’Neill from Amos Rex: “An uncontrived affinity prevails between the cool utopias of Studio Drift and the mystic visions of Belgian surrealist René Magritte. Both art practices evoke familiar yet unfamiliar worlds where dreams and the imagination are potential sources of societal renewal and self-awareness. By programming Studio Drift with Magritte, we felt we were setting the stage for a thought-provoking encounter with art as well as bridging together two kindred art practices separated by five decades.”

Film Drifter at Amos Rex

Press release

Photography Stella Ojala