CWG, PAD, Paris | Flylight

27 Mar 2013

The Pavillion of Art+Design (PAD) affirms its role in the international Contemporary Design scene by commissioning, with the support of HSBC, a work by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift for the entrance of the fair.

This occasion is a premiere in many ways. It is in fact the first time that a work is created in situ for PAD. Studio Drift will create a new version of Flylight for the occasion, in spectacular dimensions never shown before.

Flylight is a poetic and interactive light installation, monumental and fragile, that is inspired by the movement of flocks of birds, illuminating and deploying patterns at the discretion of the viewer. This installation will welcome and greet each visitor, creating a breath in the entrance area, an invitation of vibrating light, and confirms PAD’s will to be a ‘lieu à vivre’.

Studio Drift fondly remembers their first appearance at the PAD in 2009 when the prototype of their “Fragile Future”, was revealed to the public in collaboration with Carpenters Workshop Gallery and immediately caught the attention of prestigious collectors. This work also won the PAD London 2010 Prize and within this prize donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum collection.

This collaboration is therefore a natural continuation for PAD, with artists who shape the forms and values of Decorative Arts of the XXI century with sensitive and intuitive work that seeks to find a balance between design, nature and technology.

HSBC partners with PAD in this project within their framework of assistance and support to young art talent. By this action, and on the occasion of this 17th Parisian edition of the fair, HSBC also shows that their partnership with PAD illustrates the common goal of linking education and culture, heritage and future.

PAD March 27 – April 1 Jardin des Tuileries Paris, France

PAD Paris