L’Orfeo Nederlandse Reisopera

25 Jan 2020 — 22 Feb 2020

DRIFT collaborates with the Nederlandse Reisopera for the famous opera piece L’Orfeo by Monteverdi. Artist Lonneke Gordijn, together with director Monique Wagenmakers and choreographer Nanine Linning, created a new interpretation of L’Orfeo.

Orfeo, who is stuck in a rigid perspective of love and life, but eventually manages to become a better version of himself when every pilar and ground around him collapses. He has to fight against the rules of nature and this new purpose to fight makes him stronger and causes his perspectives to change into completely new and unexpected ways. However, in the normality of life, he finds himself unable to use this strength he newly acquired and cannot step out of his original perspectives.

The kinetic sculpture EGO, specially developed for L’Orfeo, is a handwoven block controlled by algorithms and motors. The block has the ability to shift its shape and state, embodying Orfeo’s perspectives and thoughts. The oldest opera combined with modern cutting edge technology. 

Tour dates: Enschede (25 Jan, première), Leeuwarden (31 Jan), Maastricht (2 Feb), Utrecht (7 Feb), Amsterdam (9 + 11 Feb), Rotterdam (13 Feb), Zwolle (15 Feb), Arnhem (20 Feb), Den Haag (22 Feb).

L’Orfeo (Monteverdi) is an opera production by de Nederlandse Reisopera (Dutch National Touring Opera) and a coproduction with Studio DRIFT and Opera2Day.

Concept: Monique Wagemakers, Lonneke Gordijn, Nanine Linning

Conductor: Hernán Schvartzman (Opera2Day)

Director: Monique Wagemakers

Choreography: Nanine Linning (Dance Company Nanine Linning)

Installation “Ego”: Lonneke Gordijn (Studio DRIFT)

Costumes: Marlou Breuls

Orchestra: La Sfera Armoniosa

With dancers from Dance Company Nanine Linning.