Meadow IMA Newfields

22 Feb 2019 — 23 Feb 2020

Meadow at Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields commissioned us to create an interactive Meadow. This large-scale, kinetic light sculpture comprises of 18 mechanical blossoms that open and close in response to visitors passing below. This will mark the first time this installation has been exhibited in America and will be on view for one year until 22 February 2020.

Shelley Selim, Associate Curator of Design and Decorative Arts: “The enduring appeal of Lonneke and Ralph’s work is their ability to merge art, design, and technology in a way that sparks wonder for their audiences,” “Meadow captures this beautifully—not only by using cutting-edge tech to mimic nature’s scientific laws, but by evoking the unquantifiable, intrinsic awe and amazement that nature inspires in humankind. I am so thrilled that visitors to Newfields will be the first to see this fantastic piece on American soil.”

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