Superblue, the groundbreaking new venture in contemporary, experiential art, is open in Miami. Here, DRIFT will exhibit our largest scale Meadow to date, launching the Suspension Program, a series of works intended to ‘elicit disbelief and provoke engagement with the ordinary environment, rendered extraordinary’’ alongside immersive installations by Es Devlin, teamLab, and James Turrell, as part of the inaugural opening.

Visitors to Superblue will be enveloped by Meadow; a sensorial and poetic composition of mechanical flowers which react to their viewer as blossoms to the sun, enacting an organic, ever-changing choreography. Integrated sensors from below the work will translate the presence of the viewer into different moods to create a truly interactive experience. Meadow engages the viewer in symbiosis, evoking the impermanence of nature and the sense of wonder that comes from being immersed in it.

Images courtesy of Superblue Miami, Photographer Oriol Tarridas.