The Particle Plan, Chapel bridge, Lucerne

19 Jun 2014

The Particle Plan, a collaborative project between four Dutch studio’s with various disciplines in the creative industry, developed the winning concept for a permanent interactive light installation that will illuminate the famous Chapel bridge in Lucerne.

The creative team noticed that crossing the bridge is something special. It connects to the history of not only the bridge, but also the city of Lucerne. Crossing the bridge is an act that should be seen from outside, and experienced in a special way while walking over the bridge. With ‘The Particle Plan’ the Chapel bridge becomes a public stage. A stroll over the bridge will generate every time a unique pattern of light on the bridge – illuminating the distinct particles the bridge is constituted of, as a canvas. In this manner we also highlight how the bridge, built in 1333is being kept alive as a concept whilst its hand-crafted parts are continuously being rejuvenated.