NFT Block Universe

DRIFT X Don Diablo

Our First NFT at Art Basel Miami – Block Universe, 2021


Measures Installation (W x H): 4 x 3.5 M


Following our Materialism Pace Gallery in New York, we have created our first NFT in collaboration with digital art pioneer and musician Don Diablo. The NFT depicts and abstract version of the solar system. It reimagines the solar system in block formations that forge formal connections to the Materialism sculptures. This piece is engaged with the growing block universe theory, which suggests that the past, present, and future occur simultaneously. The work incorporates a light box as a plexiglass sun. The block planets that orbit the sun are the AR components, which can be viewed using an iPad on-site.

The blocks in Block Universe are part of a visual language that we developed in orde to be able to see deeper layers in our reality, to compare seemingly different objects and relate them back to their original state of being and place in the universe. 

The NFT has been sold for $550.000 by Pace Verso, PACE gallery’s new dedicated NFT platform, at Art Basel in Miami Beach. With 10% of the sale of Block Universe donated to JustDiggit, a grassroots organization committed to fighting global warming by re-greening Africa. With this donation, a plot of land in Kenya has been regreened by the planting of trees in honor of the owner.