DRIFT’S FIRST Solo Exhibition OPENS in Brazil

DRIFT is pleased to announce their first solo exhibition in Brazil. From March 29th onwards, a traveling exhibition titled Vida em Coisas will start off at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro, followed by São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. 

Vida em Coisas explores “the possibility of nature and technology living together in harmony. Be it through the bionic world or be it through the concept of animism, in which everything – animals, natural phenomena and inanimate objects – has a spirit that connects them with everything else” – as beautifully stated by curator Marcello Dantas.

This exhibition in Brazil brings together a selection of representative works by DRIFT, ranging from sculpture to installation, and will build on DRIFT’s practice of creating experiences that invoke a reconnection to our planet.