Launching a Multi-Sensory Solo Exhibition at the Shed in Collaboration with Superblue

Fragile Future images a World Where Technology Enhances Nature, Presenting Never-Before-Seen Works and Special Performances with a Soundtrack Created by ANOHNI

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Using sound, movement, and film we’ll transform The Shed’s galleries with experiential multi-sensory installations that suggest alternative solutions for a positive future. Marking DRIFT’s first New York solo presentation and featuring a soundtrack created by ANOHNI, the monumental exhibition and series of special performances builds on DRIFT’s practice of creating experiences that inspire a reconnection to our planet and its natural processes, as well as empathy towards anthropomorphic non-living objects. On view September 29 through December 19, 2021, Fragile Future is presented by Superblue, the ground-breaking new venture dedicated to producing, presenting, and engaging audiences with experiential art, and the Shed, the innovative new arts center on Manhattan’s west side.