Materialism in Seoul

As part of the inauguration of PACE Seoul’s expansion into a two-story gallery space, on May 27th, DRIFT contributed two pieces from the Materialism series. The de-constructed artworks, iPhone 4s (left) and Nokia 3210 (right), are now permanently exhibited in the private viewing room of the building.

Materialism aims to confront the viewer on a very elementary level with the things we surround ourselves with and the materials that comprise them. The work calls for contemplation on how we deal with the raw materials at our disposal. By juxtaposing these two phones, which arguably are from different eras yet have the same number of materials (31), DRIFT comments on the changing material nature of the objects and the changing function of phones in day-to-day life. The iPhone has become a status symbol, and the Nokia, known for its durability, revolutionized the way mobile phones were seen, turning them into personalizable fashion accessories. 

Photographer: Sangtae Kim