Our First NFT at Art Basel Miami – Block Universe, 2021

DRIFT X Don Diablo

First NFT at the booth of Pace Gallery Art Basel Miami

Following our Materialism Pace Gallery in New York, we have created their first NFT in collaboration with digital art pioneer and musician Don Diablo. The NFT is part of the our augmented and mixed reality artwork Block Universe (2021), which figures in our solo exhibition at Pace and depicts an abstract version of the solar system. 10% of the sale of Block Universe will be donated to JustDiggit, a grassroots organization committed to fighting global warming by re-greening Africa. With this donation, a plot of land in Kenya will be regreened by the planting of trees in honor of the owner.

Source: https://verso.pacegallery.com/drops/61a3d1…

Launching a Multi-Sensory Solo Exhibition at the Shed in Collaboration with Superblue

Fragile Future images a World Where Technology Enhances Nature, Presenting Never-Before-Seen Works and Special Performances with a Soundtrack Created by ANOHNI

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Using sound, movement, and film we’ll transform The Shed’s galleries with experiential multi-sensory installations that suggest alternative solutions for a positive future. Marking DRIFT’s first New York solo presentation and featuring a soundtrack created by ANOHNI, the monumental exhibition and series of special performances builds on DRIFT’s practice of creating experiences that inspire a reconnection to our planet and its natural processes, as well as empathy towards anthropomorphic non-living objects. On view September 29 through December 19, 2021, Fragile Future is presented by Superblue, the ground-breaking new venture dedicated to producing, presenting, and engaging audiences with experiential art, and the Shed, the innovative new arts center on Manhattan’s west side.

Materialism in Seoul

As part of the inauguration of PACE Seoul’s expansion into a two-story gallery space, on May 27th, DRIFT contributed two pieces from the Materialism series. The de-constructed artworks, iPhone 4s (left) and Nokia 3210 (right), are now permanently exhibited in the private viewing room of the building.

Materialism aims to confront the viewer on a very elementary level with the things we surround ourselves with and the materials that comprise them. The work calls for contemplation on how we deal with the raw materials at our disposal. By juxtaposing these two phones, which arguably are from different eras yet have the same number of materials (31), DRIFT comments on the changing material nature of the objects and the changing function of phones in day-to-day life. The iPhone has become a status symbol, and the Nokia, known for its durability, revolutionized the way mobile phones were seen, turning them into personalizable fashion accessories. 

Photographer: Sangtae Kim

Drift at Carré

On the 17th of June, in collaboration with the Royal Theatre Carré, DRIFT’s EGO makes a comeback to the stage for a unique exhibition. Visitors will join the tour in groups at a distance of 1.5 meters, walking in behind-the-scenes areas of the magnificent theatre. The tour will showcase the making process of the famous artwork Fragile Future alongside an insight into the artists’ creative process.

DRIFT and Carré are more aware than ever of art’s function to unite people by instilling hope in dark times. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented and difficult circumstances for everyone. Through this performance, Carré and DRIFT want the audience to have a memorable experience that inspires reflection.

Meadow Opens Suspension Program at Superblue Miami

Superblue, the groundbreaking new venture in contemporary, experiential art, is open in Miami. Here, DRIFT will exhibit our largest scale Meadow to date, launching the Suspension Program, a series of works intended to ‘elicit disbelief and provoke engagement with the ordinary environment, rendered extraordinary’’ alongside immersive installations by Es Devlin, teamLab, and James Turrell, as part of the inaugural opening.

Visitors to Superblue will be enveloped by Meadow; a sensorial and poetic composition of mechanical flowers which react to their viewer as blossoms to the sun, enacting an organic, ever-changing choreography. Integrated sensors from below the work will translate the presence of the viewer into different moods to create a truly interactive experience. Meadow engages the viewer in symbiosis, evoking the impermanence of nature and the sense of wonder that comes from being immersed in it.

Images courtesy of Superblue Miami, Photographer Oriol Tarridas.

Launching Special 2020 Dandelight


DRIFT’s Dandelight made of a real dandelion, connects you to nature at home during the holidays.
Only now, including a special holiday illustration by artist Lonneke Gordijn.

Which better way to bring some lightness during these times than with our Dandelight, replacing the ordinary candle with a unique holiday gift. This extraordinary artwork poetically portrays a positive scenario for the future.

Based on labor intensive processes that symbolize the fragility of life, our artwork is a statement against the throwaway culture. Made from real dandelions that are carefully collected during the spring season in the Netherlands, the seeds are put on the LED by hand and form a subtle and aesthetic light. A composition that will add some character to your home setting.

DRIFT X Avant Arte Edition

Another Future our edition with Avant Arte launches today at 4PM (CET) on www.avantarte.com

Another Future consists of nine dandelights made from real dandelion seeds, hand-picked, and glued seed–by–seed to LED lights. An edition of 50, it is made from conductive print, dandelion seeds, LEDs & plexiglass. Includes a USB-C cable and a location-specific plug.

See the product page using the link below: 


300 luminous drones above Rotterdam in tribute to freedom and health

At 10 p.m. on the evening of 5 May, Liberation Day in the Netherlands, the performance art installation Franchise Freedom flew above the River Maas in Rotterdam to celebrate our freedom. At the initiative of usand art organisation Mothership, an impressive swarm of 300 drones will use the sky as their canvas in a flying ode to freedom and as a tribute to everyone working day and night to ensure the freedom and health of others. Franchise Freedom flies to highlight the importance of two important principles of humankind, health and freedom, and help bring us together.

Humankind is currently facing the biggest global crisis of our generation. Our individual and collective freedom has never been tested so seriously since the Second World War.

Ralph Nauta, artist DRIFT: “COVID-19 makes it abundantly clear that we as people depend on each other. The future only has value if we can rebuild this, together and sustainably, based on a greater, collective interest.”

Franchise Freedom, art artwork by DRIFT
Produced by Drone Light Labs
Made possible by art organization Mothership, Stichting Droom en Daad en Gemeente Rotterdam
Music: Ab Ovo composed and performed by Joep Beving

Special thanks to: 

Stichting Droom en Daad
De Rotterdam. Make it Happen merkalliantie
Pace Gallery
Therme Art Group 
Gemeente Rotterdam
Erasmus MC
Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei
Port of Rotterdam
Joep Beving
Ossip van Duivenbode 
Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat
Kortman Art shippers
Hotel New York
Nhow hotel
De Rotterdam
Rotterdam partners 
Xinix films
Remy Cadier
Rutger Groenhuijsen
Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam
LRS Solutions BV

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxQGS6Jpuy…